Annual Meetings

INARI-UTSJOKI (May 23-24, 2023)

The first annual meeting will take place in Inari-Utsjoki in Finland on the 23rd and 24th of May. As well as working group meetings, this meeting will provide participants with the opportunity to learn about periphery challenges facing the municipality of Utsjoki and local and indigenous Sámi people.

  • Location: Inari-Utsjoki, Finland
  • Venue: Sajos Sámi Parliament Building & Hotel Utsjoki
  • Date: 23-24 May, 2023


Travel days are Monday and Thursday. The recommended route is to take a flight from Helsinki (HEL) to Ivalo (IVL). On 22 May, this plane leaves Helsinki at 16:25 arriving in Ivalo 17:55. A bus has been organised to from Ivalo airport to the hotel in Inari. On 25 May, the plane leaves Ivalo at 12:55 and travels via Kittilä to Helsinki arriving in Helsinki at 15:25. A bus has been organised for transport between Inari and Utsjoki.


Everyone should make their reservation by themselves and cover expenses with daily allowance. It is cheaper if you can share room with someone. Options are:

  • Wilderness Hotel Juutua: Standard single bedroom 102 EUR/night or Standard double bedroom 117 EUR/night.
  • Hotel Inari: Standard single bedroom 102 EUR/night or Standard double bedroom 117 EUR/night.
  • Hotel Utsjoki: Single bedroom 85 EUR/night. Double bedroom 115 EUR/night.
  • Kevo Biological Station. Shared rooms for 2-4 people 42 EUR/person. NOTE: Kevo Biological Station is 27 km from meeting venue Hotel Utsjoki. Transportation needed.


MARGISTAR can reimburse max. 900 euro in travel costs for one person. Only two people per country can be reimbursed. You should claim your costs at e-Cost portal after journey. Priority will be given to National Representatives.


Temperatures in Inari-Utsjoki in late May can vary from 0 to 25 degrees. Please bring warm clothes and walking shoes. The sun does not set so there will be light all the time!

Hei! MARGISTAR meets Finland at First In-Person Meeting

In May 2023, MARGISTAR members travelled to Finland for their first in-person gathering (and, for some, their first polar summer) in the remote Lappish towns of Inari and Utsjoki. Read on for a short overview of this initial COST Action meeting, the experiences we had, and many of our members’ first introductions to indigenous Sámi culture, politics, and current marginalisation challenges.