MARGISTAR is dedicated to fostering collaborative knowledge exchange within the realm of marginalised mountain areas. We offer a diverse array of activities designed to bring together our consortium members and any researchers interested in engaging with our team. Some of MARGISTAR activities include annual meetings, short-term scientific missions, and training schools tailored for early career investigators and PhD students.

Inari-Utsjoki, Finland

Every year, MARGISTAR proudly organises annual meetings that bring together esteemed researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts from various disciplines. These gatherings serve as platforms for sharing cutting-edge research findings, making connections, and initiating meaningful collaborations. By facilitating interdisciplinary dialogues and encouraging the exchange of ideas, our annual meetings empower participants to explore innovative approaches to scientific knowledge.

MARGISTAR recognises the transformative potential of cross-border collaborations. To facilitate scientific endeavors across different institutions and countries, we offer short-term scientific missions. These missions provide researchers with opportunities to work alongside international peers, exchange expertise, and explore new research environments. By bridging geographical boundaries, these missions enrich scientific perspectives, cultivate global networks, and facilitate breakthrough discoveries. 

Investing in the future of science is at the core of MARGISTAR’s mission. We proudly organise specialised training schools that cater to the unique needs of early career investigators and PhD students. These intensive programs offer a blend of interactive workshops, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on training sessions, equipping participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their field. By nurturing talent and fostering a supportive community, our training schools empower the next generation of scientific leaders.