Working Group 2

Co-Creation & Synthesis on Three Broad Topics



Visions of Post-Marginalised Futures

(Visions and dreams)

Transformation Pathways

(Moving from problems to visions)

WG2 will tackle the risk of increasing disparities, underdevelopment, and periphery traps in mountain areas under prevailing Business-As-Usual (BAU) development trajectories. WG2 will synthetize knowledge to identify geographically broad post-Covid-19 visions of post-marginalised mountain areas with its stakeholders and foster breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products, strengthening Europe’s research and innovation capacities associated with marginalised mountain areas. Finally we will define pathways from marginalised to post-marginalised areas by assessing success and failure in existing policies, focusing first on common driving forces such as global economic dynamics and strict climate policy.

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Dr Yaşar Selman Gültekin

Duzce University (Turkey)

Dr Karolina Sobczak-Szelc

Centre of Migration Research (Poland)

Dr Simo Sarkki

University of Oulu (Finland)