Irish rural regions are characterised by vast stretches of countryside dotted with small villages and farms. These natural landscapes show the hills, rivers, and rugged coastlines that are known all too well on an international scale. Agriculture plays a central role for the Irish economy, with traditional practices still prevalent alongside modern farming techniques.

Despite their serene appearance, these regions face challenges such as depopulation, limited access to amenities, and environmental concerns brought about by heavy agricultural land use. Nevertheless, they remain integral to Ireland's cultural heritage and offer valuable spaces for AgriTech innovation, digitisation efforts, and initiatives to combat rural depopulation.

MARGISTAR’s Science Communication is Levelling Up: Meet our SciComm Sub-Group!

We're thrilled to announce MARGISTAR’s latest addition to the project: our brand new Science Communication Team. With diverse backgrounds ranging from seasoned scientists to digital marketing and emerging tech aficionados, we're dedicated to making complex research accessible to all. Through blogs, social media, and an array of upcoming events, we aim to inform and inspire action for marginalised mountain regions. Read on for a short intro to our Science Communication Sub-Group members!

Meet MARGISTAR's Irish Members

Prof Theo Lynn

Dublin City University

Prof Colm O'Gorman

Dublin City University

Antonia Egli

Dublin City University